For years the mates of the SS Maccabee have roamed the ocean in search of a home for their congregation. When Al Hanisim offers to sell them his island, they must make a heartbreaking choice: sell their magnificent golden hanukkiah to the dissolute Captain Schnook and his evil crew to purchase the island, or continue their watery wanderings. These calypso tunes will have your audience jumping for joy!



 Shake your booty to:

Hanukkah, Oh, When Will You Come This Year? (Yellow Bird)

Spin de Dreidel and Win Some Gelt (Dayo - Banana Boat Song)

What Would We Do with No Hanukkiah? (Drunken Sailor)

Manischewitz Red Wine (Rum and Coca-Cola)

Eight Days, Eight Nights (Marianne)

and five more Island hits!



Pirates of the Maccabean


Pirates of the Maccabean - pdf or Word file

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