Grade Level: 4-9

Skits and Shpiels
(14 Plays for Grades 4-9)
Includes CD of all plays

by Meridith Shaw Patera

Price: $28.00

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Fourteen plays, each 15 to 30 minutes long, explore topics such as holidays, Bible, Jewish folktales, Midrash, Talmud, tzedakah, and Israel.

Longer scripts with more characters and multiple scenes make these plays particularly well suited to more sophisticated stage productions.

Includes black line masters for 14 individual scripts, director's notes, cast lists, and detailed production notes, including suggestions for adapting the plays for large or small groups.

Accompanying CD-ROM, with Microsoft Word text files for both PC and Macintosh computers, allows for easy customization.

Includes these kid-friendly plays:



 Abraham at Our Seder,

The Ballad of Jonah

The Esther-minator

Everyone Wants to be Esther

Hanukkah Magic

Hanukkah Night Football

Itís a Wonderful Land

The Courage of Nachshon

Ode to Israel

Rebecca and the Camels

Everything God Does Is for the Best

Rabbi and Tabbai: Where Good and Bad Are Found

Charity Saves from Death

The Tzedakah Family